Multistring Conductor Cutting in 5 minutes

Decommissioning is approaching in the maturing North Sea Basin and according to UK Oil and Gas carries a cost of £59,7bn in the UK Continental Shelf alone, for this to be reduced new technologies needs to be developed and implemented.

Well P&A is estimated to almost 50% of the overall decommissioning costs and a significant portion of the that percentage is related to conductor (phase 3) and casing (phase 2) cutting and handling. As these are old wells there is a high degree of uncertainty concerning cement quality and casing integrity. Each section therefore needs to be pinned, to secure the inner casings and used for lifting, prior to being cut resulting in a time consuming, unpredictable operation.

Conventional technologies take approximately 2 hours to pin the casings and another 2 hours to conduct the cut. Any shifting or movement of internal casings can cause the bore and cutting blades to jam or break prolonging the rig time spent on conductor handling.

The number of cuts per well can vary from field to field due to length and weight constraints, but easily takes weeks to complete during a field decommissioning.

The Decom Cutter is capable of pinning and cutting multiple casings string in less than 5minutes, regardless of internal movement and without the concern of damage the cutting blade. The unique cutting blade made of proprietary alloy can conduct multiple cuts.

In June 2017 Control Cutter performed a qualification test for cutting a 20'' casing with an internal 13 3/8 casing and cement in between. The test was successfully and showed that the technology can cut multiple casing strings in only 5 minutes.

We are now building a tool on behalf of CoP that will cut and pin a 30" conductor with internal 20", 13 3/8" and 9 5/8" cemented casing. Cutting time will be less than five minutes.