Kjetil Sirevåg

Operations Manager

Kjetil holds a Petroleum Technology engineering degree from UiS and has 10 years’ experience from the Oil and Gas industry, primarily with Weatherford and Halliburton. Kjetil has worked with downhole and topside operations within both drilling and decommisioning

Tel: (+47) 936 54 534


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Bård Mjølne

Technical Manager

Bård has a Master’s Degree in Offshore Machine Construction and has worked with product design and production for 20 years. He has  experience from Bakke Oil Tools, Reslink and Aarbakke where in the latter he was responsible for internal design work and production.

Tel: (+47) 990 39 991


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Petter Birkeland

Executive Chairman

Besides being the founder and owner of ControlCutter Petter has played a key role developing other companies, such as JP Kenny and Wood Group Production Technology where he was acting as Managing Director in both Companies. He has solid background from the oil industry and has a BEng degree from the University of Bergen.

Tel: (+47) 99 51 76 30


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Lukas A. David


Lukas holds a MSc in Project Management from Royal Holloway University of London and experience from a variety of positions within the Oil & Gas industry working primarily with downhole tools for P&A and Slot Recovery

Tel: (+47) 99 16 15 84


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Tjerand Tveit

Project Manager

Tjerand holds a Machine Engineering degree from UiS, and has more than 15 Years of project management experience from the Oil & Gas Industry amongst others as Senior Engineer Archer and Senior Engineer Proserv

Tel: (+47) 41 23 42 46


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Head office

Energiveien 20

4056 Tananger



+47 995 17 630

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