Conductor Pinning and Cutting in less than 10 minutes

Control Cutter is pleased to announce the final FAT of the DecomCutter & the DecomDart has been approved by ConocoPhillips Norway.

Control Cutter have developed and designed a pinning & cutting system for the safe and efficient removal of the conductors. The patented systems are fully automated, operated remotely through a handhold tablet improving the overall safety. The development has been partly funded by ConocoPhillips Norway and Innovation Norway.

The FAT took place in March 2020 where 30"x20"x13 3/8"x9 5/8" fully cemented conductor strings retrieved from the Tor platform of Greater Ekofisk was used as test objects


An average of three minutes cutting time was shown during the FAT where the fastest cut was done in 2,5 minutes and longest in 3,5 minutes. For the pinning test, the same test object from the Tor platform was used, an average pinning time of four minutes was demonstrated with the fastest pinning time just under four minutes.

Control Cutter specializes in multistring conductor recovery using its unique cutting and pinning technology for both topside and subsea operations. Its main differentiator is its rapid cutting & pinning time that significantly improves operational efficiency and safety, thus lowering the overall decommissioning costs.

Through these groundbreaking technologies Control Cutters aims to make a positive difference to clients through lowering their overall decommissioning costs.

Control Cutter Group CEO, Lukas David, on the qualification:” We are grateful that CoP Norway has given us this opportunity, and we will do our outmost to demonstrate the efficiency of our technologies both in safety and operational time when used in future projects"