Expanding to the UK

Control Cutter is pleased to announce the establishment of Control Cutter Limited and the opening of a new branch in Aberdeen.

Control Cutter has recently won a number of projects within decommissioning on the UK continental shelf. We are pleased to welcome Duncan Marshall, Kevin Baker and Michael Keith as part of its growing team.

Kevin Baker, 20'' DecomCutter, Michael Keith & Duncan Marshall

Control Cutter specializes in multistring conductor recovery using its unique cutting and pinning technology for both topside and subsea operations. Its main differentiator is its rapid cutting & pinning time that improves efficiency and safely, and significantly lowers costs. Through these groundbreaking technologies Control Cutters aims to make a positive difference to clients through lowering their overall decommissioning costs.

Group CEO Lukas David on the establishment and appointments: ”We are thrilled to welcome Duncan, Kevin and Michael to the company. All three bring extensive experience of the decommissioning business in the UK, and will, without any doubt, significantly strength our organization to meet with the increased activity we see going forward".