Successful completion of 7 well conductor sectioning operation!

Control Cutter is pleased to announce the completion of a successful 7 well conductor sectioning operation on Perenco UK's Amethyst Field

In 2020, Petrodec commissioned Control Cutter to perform a study to explore the use of their DecomDart & DecomCutter technologies for rigless removal of conductors in phase 3 decommissioning.

Following the conclusion of the study, Control Cutter was in 2021 commissioned by the client to design and manufacture a frame that would allow efficient rigless decommissioning by combining the Petrodec “Erda” Jack-up rig and Control Cutter’s unique technologies for pinning and cutting conductors.

Control Cutter are pleased to announce that in May 2021 a total of 25 pins and 21 cuts was successfully carried out on the seven conductors. The rigless system was equipped with the fully-automated Control Cutter Decom system, improving the overall safety and allowing each cut and pin to be completed within two to five minutes.

Control Cutter Group CEO, Lukas David, ” We are grateful that Petrodec gave us this opportunity, and we are very pleased to demonstrate the efficiency of our technologies both in safety and operational time."


“Petrodec is a decommissioning services specialist integrating the whole value chain. We own our assets and provide first-class engineering support in well abandonment, offshore operations’ preparation, as well as structural removal and transport. Finally, we pride ourselves in conducting our offshore operations in the safest and most efficient manner.”

Control Cutter specializes in multistring conductor recovery using its unique cutting and pinning technology for both topside and subsea operations. Its main differentiator is its rapid cutting & pinning time that cuts improves efficiency and safely, and significantly lowers costs. Through these groundbreaking technologies Control Cutters aims to make a positive difference to clients through lowering their overall decommissioning costs.