Decommisioning is a time consuming and costly phase for operators and conductor sectioning takes up a large portion of that time. Conventional technologies like mechanical bandsaws are time consuming and require manual labor to be operated, putting personnel in danger during heavy lifts and dynamic movements.
The DecomCutter is a efficient multi string conductor cutter capable of cutting cemented and uncememted conductors only 5 minutes. The system is able to cut four strings with cement within the same timefram and that without any personnel present.



  • Features & Benefits

    The DecomCutter is a remotely operated shear cutter that can be located on the drill floor or on any deck dependent on the operational conditions.

    • Cutting multi string conductors in only 5 minutes
    • Capable of completing multiple cuts without changing knifes
    • Fully automated system that requires not personnel during operation.
  • Specifications

    Upon request