Subsea cutting has long generated frustration for clients due to conventional technologies inability
to complete multiple cuts without surfacing. Saw blade or wire reliability has created uncertainty in
operational planning, especially where tension in product is present.
The FlowlineCutter is a new generation shear cutter capable of cutting flowlines, umbilicals and other
subsea products in only 5 minutes, regardless of tension and can conduct hundreds of cuts without


  • Features & Benefits

    The FlowlineCutter can be operated by any ROV system and is easily installed on product in any angle
    that is required for operation.

    • Cutting any product in 5 minutes
    • Capable of completing multiple cuts without surfacing
    • Requires less trenching than bandsaw or diamond wire cutter
    • No debris/microplastic from cutting process
  • Specifications

    Description Measurement
    Cutting Time 5 minutes
    Max OD Product 490mm (19.29'')
    Lenght 2694mm
    Diameter 826mm