Anchor or mooring chain cutting is seen to be a high risk operation where release of tension in the
chain can result in sudden harsh movement, causeing damage to equipment or vessel.
Where tension in chain can cause bandsaw blade to break and hence delay operation, the opposite is
true for the SubseaChainCutter where any tension in string only helps the cutting proccess. The systems
are easily deployed and attached to chain within a few minutes.


SubseaChain Cutter

  • Features & Benefits

    The SubseaChainCutter can be operated by any ROV system and is easily installed on chain in any
    angle that is required for operation.

    • Cutt any chain in 5 minutes
    • Guarantees cut regardless of tension in chain
  • Specifications

    Description Measurement
    Cutting Time 5 minutes
    Max OD Chain 160mm (6,3'')
    Lenght 2694mm
    Diameter 826