Reliable subsea cutting in less than 5 minutes

Since the subsea boom in the late 1990’s, subsea infrastructure has received limited maintenance and is now in need of intervention work or at the end of its lifecycle and entering into decommissioning. 

It is estimated that there is a total pipeline network of 45,000 kilometer which includes cables and umbilical’s that will require decommissioning. A significant number of subsea installations are also being decommissioned, including the flexible risers and umbilical’s that needs to be cut into sections for handling offshore and onshore.

Current technologies of diamond wire or band saws can take as much as 2-3 hours to cut through a flexible riser or umbilical. As these conventional tools are attached on both sides of the cutting location any tension or shifting in the products can cause misalignment and jamming or breaking the cutting blades, resulting in a time-consuming roundtrip to surface for redress.

As flexible risers consist of multiple layers, internal tension or movement can occur which can have the same devastating consequence. 

The SubseaCutter is capable of cutting any subsea product (anchor chains, flexible risers, umbilical’s, etc.)  in less than 5 minutes. As the SubseaCutter will only latch onto any of these products with the cutting blades, any misalignment, tension or movement does not affect the cutting process.


The beforementioned combined with the proprietary alloy in the cutting blades results in a system that can complete multiple cuts without having to recover the tool to surface for redressing between cuts.